Amazing Getaways'

Great Escapes and Outdoor Adventures of the Pacific Northwest: Pedaler's Paradise...


  • Mountain Bike Tours/Grouse Mountain...North Vancouver, B.C.
    (604) 984-0661.
    Casual guided bike tours down scenic trails. Rides include, Sunrise Express, Day Tripper, Extreme Off Road or Heli-Biking.

  • Company of Adventures Wilderness Guides...Vancouver, B.C.
    (800) 667-2898.
    If you're into spectacular scenery, peaceful back roads and a rural lifestyle then you'll love these guided tours including Whistler and the Gulf Islands.

  • Manning...Manning Park, B.C.
    (604) 840-8822.
    Next time you're considering a fun scenic destination for mountain biking, you should check this area out. This paradise includes, cool clear mountain lakes and streams, unspoiled wilderness, snow capped peaks, wildlife and floral vistas.


  • Terrene Tours...Seattle, WA.
    (206) 325-5569.
    Custom tour company specializing in active, scenic, excursions in Seattle/Puget Sound area.

  • Ski Acres Mountain Bike & Hiking Centers...Snoqualmie Pass, WA.
    (206) 232-8182.
    The Silver Fir chair lift takes bikers and hikers and sightseers to the mountain top during the summer season.

  • Peabody Creek...Port Angeles, WA.
    (360) 457-7092.
    Scenic wooded streamside setting close to marked biking trails. Overnight camping close by as an option.

  • Orcas Island...Orcas,Wa.

    This is an excellent area for bike riding.

  • Anderson Island at Oro Bay...Anderson Island, WA.

    This is a great place to bring your bike because the island is small and you won't find a lot of traffic.

  • Vashon Island...Vashon, WA.

    Another popular choice for in-city pedalers.


  • Oregon Bicycle Program...
    (503) 986-3200.
    This is your connection to some of the greatest bike trails and tours through out Oregon.

  • Fort Stevens State Park...Hammond, OR.
    (503) 861-1671.
    This location at the mouth of the Columbia River has a 8.5 mile bike trail. The views along this path are wonderful.

  • Umpqua National Forest/Lake Diamond...Idleyld Park, OR.
    (503) 498-2531.
    Here you'll find biking opportunities galore.