Amazing Getaways'

Great Escapes and Outdoor Adventures of the Pacific Northwest:
Wind & Waves...


  • Pacific Rim National Park...Long Beach, B.C.

    A favorite place for surfers to challenge the rollers at Long Beach.

  • Island Breeze Sailing...Sidney, B.C.
    (250) 744-7327.
    Enjoy a 6 day Learn To Sail Cruise, island tours including private and group trips from 3 hours.

  • Seasmoke...Alert Bay, B.C.
    (250) 947-5225.
    Sail with the whales. Catering to small groups and individual travelers.


  • ABC Yacht Charters...Anacortes, WA
    (800) 426-2313.
    Feeling taking a trip to paradise? Then head to Anacortes and let ABC Yacht Charters and the magic of the Pacific Northwest cast a spell on you. While aboard a charter yacht, you can choose to explore the tranquil beauty of the San Juans or the Canadian Gulf Islands, the majesty of British Columbia's Desolation Sound, or the breathtaking grandeur of Southeast Alaska. Our pristine waters and emerald forests will provide you with one of the most celebrated cruising destinations in the world.

  • Green Lake...Seattle, WA.
    (206) 527-0171.
    If you're looking for a fun in-city location for wind surfing, Green Lake is it.

  • Sailboat Rentals & Yacht Charters...Seattle, WA.
    (206) 281-9176.
    Let the wind guide the way.

  • Snohomish Parachute Center...Seattle, WA.
    (800) 338-5867.
    Parachuting and sky diving guides.


  • Columbia Gorge...Hood River OR.
    (800) 747-9552.
    Winders from around the world have heard about the magical winds that blow through the Columbia Gorge at Hood River.

  • Hang Gliding Capitol of the west...Lakeview, OR.
    (800) 747-9552.
    Southeastern Oregon is known around these parts as the hang gliding capitol of the west.

  • Siuslaw River...Florence, OR.

    A favorite spot for wind surfing on the river.

  • The Cove...Seaside, OR.

    This is another great place for wind surfing.